How many of you have been on Pinterest and your jaw dropped when you saw the laundry room of your dreams? If you are ready to remodel your laundry room or simply refresh what you have, this post is for you! Here are my three must-know design tips for a magazine worthy laundry room.

Make the space functional, but pretty

First and foremost, your laundry room should be functional and efficient. Think about what you actually do in your laundry room on a day-to-day basis. Do you have a spot for folding laundry? Do you have somewhere to store your baskets while you are running a load of laundry? Is there somewhere you can hang up pieces that cannot be dried? Where will you iron? Make sure you ask yourself these questions and then design with these solutions in mind.

All white laundry room | Folding counter laundry room | Hanging rod laundry room

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Second, make sure all of your supplies have their own hidden place to go so that the space is clutter-free. Use cabinets or open shelving with baskets for storage. Whatever you can’t store, buy something that is visually appealing and use it as décor.

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Dress the walls to create a warm and inviting space

Adding some character to this space will make you feel more at home and less like you are doing chores. Depending on your budget, you could add tile, shiplap or wallpaper.  Tile being the most expensive option, and wallpaper being the least expensive option. Below are some examples of each.

Tile Laundry Room Wall | Laundry Room Tile Ideas | White Laundry Room

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Shiplap Wall Laundry Room | Herringbone Slate Floors | Wood Countertop Laundry Room | White Cabinets Laundry Room

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Laundry Room Wallpaper Ideas | Wallpaper Laundry Room | Herringbone Wallpaper

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Include as much lighting as possible

One of the most important aspects to any room is lighting and the laundry room is no exception. Natural light is preferred, but not everyone has a window or the ability to add one. If that’s the case, make sure you have ample installed lighting for the room. For 8′ ceilings, recessed lighting will provide a lot of light without taking from the room’s ceiling height. For 9′, 10′, or higher ceilings, a unique chandelier would give you the perfect wow factor.

Natural Light Laundry Room } Wood Countertop Laundry Room | White Cabinets Laundry Room | Laundry Room Décor Ideas

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Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room | Open Shelving Laundry Room

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