This laundry room update makes our laundry room so much more functional and pretty. I’m sharing the free building plans for that laundry sorter!

When we moved into our home, our laundry room was very builder grade and not very functional. We’ve lived with it for a while and I finally decided I needed to take matters into my own hands and build a laundry sorter.

book shelf or laundry shelf plans

So I teamed up with to design building plans and I’m excited to share them with you guys!

laundry basket shelf

I love the way this laundry sorter turned out. it’s the perfect little shelf for our laundry baskets, and I feel like I’ll be able to keep up on organization and sorting a lot better now. Since we have 4 kids, each of them will have their own laundry basket, then I’ll have one for towels, and one for my husband and me.

laundry room organization

The whole system is the perfect size that my kids can get to their laundry really easily- I’m not sure that means they’ll help out much, but at least they CAN. Haha!!

laundry room organization

I designed the unit to be as tall as a standard washer and dryer, so you can put a countertop across the whole laundry sorter and washer and dryer. We added this pretty butcher block and I’m really happy with the way the whole things looks.

pretty and functional laundry room

Not only is our laundry room a lot more functional now, but it’s also really pretty, so I’m happy!!!

How to Build a Laundry Sorter

Now onto the building process. I’ll show you the step by step of this build, but all of the measurements and cut diagrams are available to download for free on

Before you start: Download the Free Laundry Sorter Building Plans here:

Step 1: Cut wood and Drill Pocket Holes

We used 3/4″ plywood for this project, with 1/4″ plywood backing. Using the cut diagram on, cut your plywood and drill your pocket holes. I used my Kreg Jig, and it made the process super easy!

pocket holes

Step 2: Build Box

Using wood glue and pocket hole screws, attach your vertical pieces to your top and bottom pieces. I love using this corner clamp from Kreg. It is really handy!

corner joint wood clamp

Step 3: Add Middle Support

Using wood glue and pocket hole screws, attach your middle vertical support.

build plywood box

Step 4: Attach Shelves

Using wood glue and pocket hole screws, attach your shelves. You’ll want to make sure your pocket holes are on the bottom.

pocket hole joinery

Step 5: Add Backing

Using staples, add the backing to the back of your shelf.

Step 6: Finish

Sand, putty, and paint or stain your piece. I used my paint sprayer and spray shelter to spray my laundry sorter in my garage.

portable paint booth

I think this is going to be a great addition to our laundry room. I am really happy with how it turned out!

laundry basket shelf free building plans

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