One of the millions of decisions I look forward to making for our future house is the hardware.  It’s a small detail that can pack a lot of personality and make a big difference.  It’s also something I could totally get into now at the apartment but sometimes I think I enjoy this state of dreaming and “one day” too much.  Weird?  The better explanation is that I’d rather deal with that hassle in a place more permanent, but yes for now we dream!

Matte black, guys.  I love it for everything these days and can’t stop, especially in combination with marble aaah.  What do you think of it?

bathroom black faucet

black and marble

black and white kitchen

black faucet bath

With that tile… so dreamy.

black faucet bathroom

black faucet hex tile

black faucet marble counter

black faucet

black hardware bathroom

black hardware

marble countertop

minimal bathroom

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