Picking a kitchen splashback can be one of the most difficult decisions of the whole kitchen design process! But, choose the right splashback and it could be the hero of your kitchen.

Contemporary kitchens are moving away from traditional tiles and plain glass options and exploring more texture, pattern and colour to create an impressive focal point.

Here are 14 stunning kitchen splashback options to inspire you!


What a gorgeous way to let natural light in to your kitchen! Window splashbacks are increasingly popular, and by using a frameless window like this one, it gives your kitchen a beautiful, open and airy feel. Plus, if you’re a stickybeak like me, it’s a great way to keep an eye on what’s happening outside.

Window splashback
Image via Reno Guide

Pressed metal

Pressed metal has had a bit of resurgence in recent years, and while it’s not for everyone, there’s no denying it can be a great statement when paired with neutral cabinetry. Also available in blingy metal, this matte black splashback adds interesting texture to an otherwise simple kitchen.

Black pressed metal splashback
Image via Sydney Pressed Metal

Bold, patterned tile

Tiles might sound like an option that’s been done to death, but how unusual are these graffiti-style tiles? Talk about a way to add attitude to the space!

Graffiti style tiles
Image via Beaumont Tiles


Stainless steel splashbacks have been a popular option for many years — easy to clean and no grout joins being just some of the benefits. Recently other metallics, such as copper have become more popular but this gorgeous brass splashback has got to be our fave! It’s understated, yet fancy. Plus, it looks divine with this simple, olive cabinetry.

Brass Splashback

Image via Naked Kitchens

Exposed brick

For an industrial feel, this exposed brick is just perfect. Paired with that sleek dark cabinetry, it’s a winner for sure!

Exposed brick splashback

Image via Inside Out

And if cleaning brick makes you nervous, you can place a clear glass panel in front like we did at Bonnie’s house (full kitchen reveal coming very soon!).

Glass and brick kitchen splashback
Bonnie’s new kitchen


There’s a reason granite remains a popular choice for kitchens, especially when used so perfectly like this. Continuing the granite used as the benchtop right up the wall makes the space look polished and luxurious.

Granite Splashback

Image via Behance


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest kitchen of all? A mirrored splashback can make your kitchen look twice as big, and as an added bonus is easy to clean. Oh, and if you have kids, you can keep a cheeky eye on them without ever turning around!

Mirror Kitchen Glass Splashback
Image via Geelong Splashbacks

Matte black tiles

Dark and moody kitchens are an emerging trend this year, and when you see products like these gorgeous matte black tiles paired with charcoal cabinetry, it’s not hard to see why.

Matte Black tile splashback
Image via Equipe Ceramicas

Timber-look tiles

Another unusual tile option is large timber-look tiles. They are an ideal choice in rustic style kitchens and will create a warm and inviting feel.

Timber splashback

Image via Niche Design & Build

OTT pattern

Holy pattern wall! The simplicity of the cabinetry paired with this eyecatching pattern works perfectly. Oh, and hellooo tapware!

OTT pattern splashback
Image via Desire to Inspire

Handmade subway tiles

While some may say subway tiles have had their day, they are an undeniably popular choice in kitchens. If you want to add some texture for a different look, use handmade subway tiles like these ones.

Handmade subway tile splashback
Image via Studio Black Interiors

Geometric print tiles

Talk about a statement! This splashback plays with colour and shapes to create a bold splashback. That colour combo and the way it ties in with the two-toned cabinetry is so beautiful.

Geometric kitchen splashback

Image via Reno Guide

Hexagonal tiles

While hugely popular in bathrooms and laundries, there is definitely a place for the humble hexagonal tile in the kitchen as well. They’re a simple and chic option to give your kitchen character, while still maintaining an modern feel.

Hexagonal tile splashback

Image via Niche Design & Build

Glossy colour

These gorgeous glossy emerald tiles reflect the light beautifully and by wrapping the tiles over the shelving, the overall look is eclectic and fun.

Green tile splashback
Image via HZ Interiors

You can also interpret glossy tiles in a more modern way, as Neale Whitaker did with this kitchen he renovated during Love It Or List It Australia.

Green kitchen splashback

Image via Love It or List It

Have you got a favourite? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!