White, such a crisp, fresh, clean color. It’s no wonder that so many people choose it when they give rooms a makeover. But sometimes, when a space has been white for a while, you might start to miss it’s beauty in the mundane of everyday life. Especially those white bathrooms. But before you go completely painting over that lovely white, consider giving your bathroom a refresh. Because what better time to refresh than a new year? Take a look at these 15 ways to refresh your white bathroom for the new year and create a space to help you destress and prepare you to achieve all your goals.

Sometimes when things are looking a little too white and bleak, it’s just time to spread the palette a bit and add some more color. Choose some blush accents like your towels and a throw rug to give something for your eyes to rest on while staying light and airy.

Looking for a real pop in the new year? Opt for neon accents in your white bathroom. These shades work especially well with modern style and features or if you’re trying to bring some happy into your kid’s bathroom.

If you’re thinking of renovating your white bathroom, choose your tile before you get started.  You’ll find that with all the subway tiled walls and floors, you will appreciate a little pattern in the mix.{Styled by Freeman and White House}.

Let’s talk metallic. Brass is back in style and when you add some to your white bathroom, you get just the right amount of glam for your space. Plus that harvest yellow tone is the perfect pair for a warm and fresh feel at the same time.

Not really looking for neon or bright metallics kind of person? Those aren’t the only ways you can bring some flair to your white bathroom. Consider adding some wood in a creative way that’s useful and decorative at the same time.

How do you add color to your bathroom without actually deviating from your white color palette? One word, mirrors. Mirrors will reflect light in a silvery glow and maybe even cast rainbows in the sunshine without actually bringing color to your space.

Sometimes all you need is a subtle pattern to make a white space feel newer and fresher than it already is. Try a white shiplap to bring some character to your space while staying bright and crisp.

Of course some bathrooms really need a bold punch to make them feel complete. But rather than using paint to achieve that punch, add some black fixtures to your white space. Such a stark contrast will look chic and modern.

There’s no shame in wanting to improve on the white you have. Instead of going for pops of color, look for interesting white accents that will blend in and draw your eyes at the same time.

When it doubt, add a plant. If you have a window in your white bathroom, opt for a living leafy thing but if not, there are plenty of planty options that look like the real thing without needing water or light.

When the rest of your home is a certain style, you definitely want to take that into account when you’re adding to your white bathroom. A painted picture and a turkish rug are just the right things for the white bathroom in a traditional styled home.

Looking for a way to make your white bathroom softer this winter? Add curtains. You don’t even need a window if you like. Cover a wall with white curtains and you’ll want to take candlelit baths from now on.

You might already have a way to bring some personality to your white bathroom in your home. Remember all those pretty bottles and containers of skincare and makeup? Display your favorites on your bathroom counter.

Bottles aren’t the only things you can bring out of storage. Fill a basket with towels. Add a tray in the tub for bath necessities. And don’t forget to add a couple candles for relaxing bath night.

When you need a little change in your white bathroom, you’ll find it doesn’t take much to make a big impact. A new faucet can catch your eye all by itself. Or maybe even a bottle of hand soap with a pretty label. Take some time to think about what really needs to change in your white bathroom to make it seem fresh before you begin.