Blue has long been regarded as a color of regal tranquility–calming and refined, and suggestive of the deepest waters and clearest of minds.

The man who appreciates understated serenity doesn’t need to be sold on the color blue, and even less on the handsome navy hue, as he already embraces the power of both.

However, it may come as a surprise that none other than the bathroom itself can benefit from this timeless tone.

Blue, and most especially navy, evoke a nautical air that suits the bathroom abode extremely well. Whether it’s a fine striped wallpaper or cerulean tiles, a refurbished vanity or ship’s cabin accoutrements, the blue bathroom denotes a gentleman’s quarters: sacred and well-kept, and always up to par.

While the bold may prefer to go full blue, others can benefit from a splash of navy and touch of azure to add contrast and texture to an otherwise unadorned white bathroom. Ultimately, blue is one of the few colors in which you can’t go wrong; less is more and more is even better.

These top 50 best blue bathroom ideas honor the intimacy of one’s bathing chamber while presenting a fine façade for guests. Unpretentious and always in style, a rich coat of navy or spread of pale blue tiling can transform even the plainest of bathrooms into an abode worth savoring. We all deserve a moment of peace and reinvigoration in our lives, and the bathroom is the perfect opportunity to achieve both.

Why not see what blue can do for you?


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