1. Marble-Look Walls and Mosaic Flooring

Marble-look ceramic tile walls and mosaic flooring

Marble-looking ceramic tile walls with a big horizontal bond pattern and mosaic grid flooring that coordinates give this bathroom an elegant appearance. The room is visually amplified by using the same flooring throughout the entire bathroom.

2. Make Mine a Combo

Ceramic tile feature wall

You may have the chance to build a function wall with ornamental tile when you have a mix of bath and shower. We enjoy this decor’s color consistency, particularly with the distinctive pattern of tile flooring! Consider a tub surrounded with your ceramic tile choice for tubes that are not freestanding.

3. Rustic Rectangles

Rustic rectangular tile

Large rectangular panels and a curbless shower accentuate this unadorned, urban atmosphere.

4. Sleek Subway Tile

Sleek subway ceramic tile shower wall

White subway tile offers a classic background function that contrasts well with the slate gray flooring (note that the grout in the subway tile picks up the floor tile color).

5. Diamond Rug Accent

Diamond rug ceramic tile accent on a shower wall

On the shower wall, this lighter diamond rug accent tile pattern pops against the darker natural stone-effect tile. On the floors and walls, the lighter grout accentuates the tile and compliments the function area.

6. Modern Octagon and Dot

Octagon and dot ceramic tile shower wall

These octagonal and dot shower walls ‘ differing yellow colors create a daring contrast to the black grid flooring, creating a striking look.

7. Subtle Accents

Ceramic shower tile with a floral pattern

For a clean, comfortable setting, subtle floral patterns accentuate the earth tones of this shower. While there is a rectangular grid on the shower walls, the flooring utilizes a mosaic to add resistance to the slip.

8. Not Your Average Black and White

Modern farmhouse bathroom with ceramic tile

This contemporary farmhouse bathroom is a mastery of complements and contrasts: rustic white brick walls against charcoal mosaic floor tiles encircled by a floor feature distinctive patterns that combine all the color components in this bathroom.

9. Better Where It’s Wetter

Mosaic ceramic tile window border in a shower

In this mosaic window boundary, the blues, yellows, and greens add an underwater feeling to the earthy, varied subway tile walls and iridescent navy tiled ceiling of this shower.

10. Aqua Agua

Vertical aqua subway tile

Vertical aqua subway tile offers a vigorous pop on white subway against white and stone-looking mosaic tiles that complete this look. The flooring can flow in and out of the shower (but the water remains IN) with a curbless shower!

11. Keep It in the Family

Stone-look ceramic tile in a bathroom

This bathroom utilizes distinct sizes and shapes of natural stone-looking tile, but it maintains coordinating alternatives in the same tile family.

12. Functional Grid

Functional grid ceramic tile in a shower

This dark gray mosaic accent color and 3D white wall tile forms a straightforward, functional grid layout. Note: The floor of the shower reuses the same mosaic but has a matt finish and a dark grout.

13. Uncommonly Good

Marble-look ceramic tile shower wall

This shower’s accent wall combines the marble look with an unusual form. The result is a shower that is both classical and modern at the same time.

14. What’s Old Is New Again

Octagon and dot ceramic bath tile

Using a marble look for this elongated pattern of octagon and dot adds a contemporary twist to a style that became common in the Victorian era.

15. Stone Grids

Bathroom stone-look ceramic tile

These stone-looking tiles ‘ distinct sizes and shapes create a clean, coherent look both inside and outside the shower.

16. Warm Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look ceramic shower tile

You may not believe you’re putting wood on your shower walls, but this bathroom pulls it off easily without worrying about water-damaged wood because it’s ceramic tile with a wood look.

17. Size and Color Contrast

Contrasting ceramic shower tile

This is a beautiful instance of juxtaposing colorful mosaic tile with big, natural stone-looking tile panels as a feature wall and backplash. The combination of color, texture and size contributes to the feature areas ‘ dramatic focus.

18. Shades of Gray

Gray marble-look ceramic shower tile

To produce a peaceful and tidy master bath getaway, shades of gray marble-looking ceramic tile in rectangles and hexagons define vertical and horizontal surfaces.

19. Move Over, Subway Tile

Ceramic subway tile horizontal accent stripe in a shower

A horizontal accent color of pearled subway tile coupled with big rectangular grid walls and mosaic flooring is used for the spectacular stone impact of this shower.

20. Ultra Modern Geometric Design

Modern geometric ceramic shower tile

Stone-looking square tile flooring promotes these herringbone-striped walls ‘ ultra-modern geometric design. In the white rectangular floating accent wall, the dark grout lines cross the bathing areas and become the room’s focal point.

21. Greige Is the New …

Greige ceramic shower tile

“Greige” is the new beige and the new gray — the new neutral all are crying out for it! Grain motion in the floor and shower walls is anchored in this shower floor by perpendicular white mosaic subway tile for a contemporary rustic charm look, as well as cleanliness and effectiveness air.

22. Unleashed Luxury

Black ceramic tile shower wall

Glossy black mosaic tile walls and lengthy dark wood-looking tile flooring boards offer this shower a feeling of spa that can be readily applied in a larger room (without the sunken bath). Note the linen-looking subtly textured floor tile.

23. Natural Colors and Natural Light

Mosaic ceramic tile shower wall with a window

A doorless shower is worthy of the world’s window! This space’s artfully laid mosaics mix natural colors and reflect the natural light for a space with a new, energetic atmosphere.

24. Elongating and Luxurious Accents

Running bond mosaic ceramic tile accents in a shower

Since both are vertically positioned, this shower is visually elongated by the big rectangular grid tile walls and running bond mosaic accents. The pattern produced by the mosaic’s various colors adds a distinctive touch that captures the curved mosaics of the bench and ground. Remember that it is possible to install tiles on your roof (as shown here) to provide another component of decoration.

25. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Marble-look ceramic bathroom tile in a diamond grid

In a comparatively tiny room, the marble-looking squares set in a diamond grid lead you to the shower set out in large-format tile panels for an elegant and open feel.

26. Play With Your Grout!

Ceramic shower tile in a chevron patternImage via Flickr

The dark grout and white subway tile of this shower in a herringbone pattern create an economical option of tile for a distinctive design. Smaller tiles add extra traction to the flooring and a niche coordinating accent. Explore more colored grout ideas and niche ideas!

27. You Won’t Be Blue

Blue ceramic shower tile with accentsImage via Flickr

With this cheerful combination of subway tile with an accent horizontal stripe and pencil trimming detail, blue shades won’t make you blue. Psst, we think the next large trend might be the blue tile!

28. Accents That Pop

Pixelated mosaic shower tile wallsImage via Flickr

The pixelated layout of the mosaic tile shower walls stands out against the broad white grout surrounding these square accents.

29. Modern Mexican Tile

Modern Mexican ceramic tile shower floorImage via Flickr

By using more subdued colors, the designs on the grid flooring of this shower add a twist to traditional Mexican tile. Hexagon mosaic walls finish the fun look with charcoal grout.

30. Textured Accent Wall

Textured ceramic tile shower wallPhoto via Pixabay

With a extremely textured accent wall, this curbless shower pulls off a minimalist pattern and color scheme.

31. Stone Age

Stone-look ceramic shower tile with mosaic accentsPhoto via Pixabay

The patterns of this shower are anything but stuck in the era of stone. In an off-center grid accented by a diamond flag with running bond mosaic boundaries, contemporary stone-looking square tile is laid.

32. Marble Chevron Mosaic

Marble chevron mosaic ceramic tile shower wall

In the marble chevron mosaic wall of this shower, the smooth color modifications add a softening touch to the remainder of the clean-cut lines of the shower (and we enjoy the black pencil trim on the niche).

33. Crosshatch Wood-Look Tile

Crosshatch wood-look ceramic shower tile

Surprise! In the shower, wood-looking tile! The design of the crosshatch mosaic wall produces a distinctive twist by making the walls instead of the shower floor the feature tile.

34. Row After Row

Mosaic ceramic tile accent rows on a shower wallPhoto via Pixabay

The dark cabinet tones as well as the darker wood-looking ceramic tile flooring are captured by bold rows of mosaic rectangles in the stone effect tile.

35. Mixing It Up, Naturally

Natural stone-effect ceramic shower tile

Natural stone-effect tile is already a contemporary trend in your shower and bath region, but this lovely bathroom takes it one step further by using different sizes of rectangles in an off-center pattern. This clean layout is accentuated by mosaic tile in the shower flooring and shelf region, and the running bond grid flooring pattern draws your eye to this distinctive mixture.

36. Zero to Sixty

Chrome-effect mosaic ceramic tile bathroom walls

This high-glam chromium-effect mosaic wall tile extending from the vanity to the shower is certainly an escape from the rat race.

37. Go Big or Go Home

Porcelain-look ceramic tile shower walls

These big gauged panels / slabs of porcelain tiles generate a dominant elegance. Add wood-effect tile panels and custom printed ceramic wall tile panels and you’ve got a look that matches your magnificent perspective.

38. True Blue

Blue mosaic ceramic tile shower walls

Surround yourself for a truly refreshing shower experience with colors of blue mosaic ceramic tile.

39. Artistry and Craftsmanship

Ceramic tile feature wall in a shower

The versatility of ceramic tiles enables you to represent your private style of design. On this function wall, the craftsmanship of ceramic tile produces a focus of beauty — a job of art in your shower!

40. Nothing to Hide

Dimensional ceramic shower tile wall

Another decor aspect to consider is the shower doors — doorless, frameless, and how about this distinctive partly frosted alternative! What a lovely way to add privacy and still show the lovely dimensional wall tile of the shower. (Don’t ignore the mirrored niche!)