If you have actually been thinking about providing your bathroom an overhaul yet aren’t certain how, one method to begin is to look to the current layout patterns for motivation. We have actually made it our objective to figure out what design concepts are expected to make a dash in 2017 in order to help make planning your bathroom transformation job a little bit less complicated.

To assemble our listing, we employed the help of 4 award-winning designers, who share here their forecasts for the looks, surfaces as well as features they think will certainly get on everybody’s radar next year. They likewise disclose exactly how they would certainly work these suggestions right into their own projects.

I have been in some small bathrooms– you understand, the kind that make you feel like you need to shed 5 pounds to enter them. But I truly like working on this kind of bathroom style. Attempting to make every little thing suit the available area is like doing a gigantic crossword problem.

Among the difficulties: setting up the bathroom and sink to code, permitting sufficient clearance for a shower and also, certainly, where to place the towels and t.p. Regardless of the difficulties, for the most parts it’s still better to squeeze in an additional bathroom where one is seriously required, also if it needs to be small.


  • Design Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Better
    • Install a corner sink
    • Use a shower curtain
    • Float the vanity
    • Round the vanity
    • Extend the counter over the toilet
    • Use a large-scale pattern
    • Skip the shower door
    • Expand the mirror
    • Mount the towel bar on a door
    • Install a trough sink
    • Select a vanity with one shelf
    • Use a wall-mounted faucet
  • Feature Floor Tiles
  • Natural Beauty
  • Plant Life
  • The Master Suite Retreat
  • Clever Water Control
  •  Freestanding Bathtubs
  • Custom Vanities
  • Geometric Tiles
  • Bigger Showers
  • Sustainable Style
  • Bathrooms That Reflect The Rest of The Home
  • Gray Tones
  • Engaging Lighting
  • Grout As A Design Feature

Design Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Better

Right here are 12 suggestions for developing a small bathroom. And yes, you’re off the hook for the 5 extra pounds.

Install a corner sink

Install a corner sink
Hillary Thomas Designs

Often even a pedestal sink can interfere with the only readily available traffic lane in a bathroom.

In this case positioning an edge sink throughout from the commode functions much better than a sink across from the shower. The opening and closing of the shower door normally develops an uncomfortable walk-around condition.

Use a shower curtain

Use a shower curtain
Scott Neste | Minor Details Interior Design

A shower curtain that moves back and forth saves room over a glass door that moves in as well as out. Shower-tub combinations in fact can suit small spaces, with some tubs can be found in at 60 inches in size.

Float the vanity

Float the vanity
Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Besides just aesthetically helping the bathroom appear larger, placing a vanity above the floor maximizes a little space for small things.

Round the vanity

Round the vanity

Peter S. Balsam Associates

Tight rooms can make sharp edges hip hazards. If the edges of a vanity would obstruct, opt for a spherical design. Yes, a rounded vanity could operate in a square area. No more bruised hips!

Extend the counter over the toilet

Extend the counter over the toilet
Chris A Dorsey Photography

This banjo-style plan can be finished with stone or a wood slab. The prolonged counter produces simply sufficient area for a few required things. Commode placement is not influenced, as well as the look is minimal and clean.

Use a large-scale pattern

Use a large-scale pattern
Dunlap Design Group, LLC

A large-scale pattern, like this wide stripe, could fool the eye right into seeing broadened space. The square video footage may remain the very same, yet the bathroom will certainly feel bigger.

Skip the shower door

Skip the shower door

Wagner Studio Architecture

If your bathroom has to do with 5 feet vast, that’s simply enough area to press in a toilet and also a 30- by 60-inch tub. With tight problems such as these, consider a glass panel as opposed to a glass shower door. It will maintain a lot of the water in the shower as well as will certainly liberate needed elbow room.

Expand the mirror

Expand the mirror
Chic Decor & Design, Margarida Oliveira

In the tightest spaces, having a mirror stretch throughout the wall surface rather than just the vanity could allow two individuals to utilize it at once. In less-than-ideal area conditions, every inch helps.

Mount the towel bar on a door

Mount the towel bar on a door
Michael Goodsmith Design

Where can I place my towels? I want I had a nickel for every time I heard that inquiry.

When room is at a minimum, installing a towel bar on the shower door keeps towels convenient. You may have to keep the bulk of your towels in a neighboring linen wardrobe, however having that towel close by to dry out off with is important.

Install a trough sink

Install a trough sink

Design Cube Inc.

The narrow, tidy styling of a trough sink is a fine-looking room remedy. Trough sinks have a low profile. When wall mounted, they maximize floor space also for storage space or foot website traffic.

Select a vanity with one shelf

Select a vanity with one shelf
Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

Pedestal layout has actually obtained smarter. Even a pedestal style with one shelf could hold towels or a basket for bathroom tissue. I personally love the way fresh, clean towels look folded nicely in a bathroom.

Use a wall-mounted faucet

Use a wall-mounted faucet
Studio Frank

Installing a tap on the wall surface permits a narrower sink or vanity, which consequently liberates square video footage in the complete bathroom. Don’t hesitate to attempt a wall-mounted tap in standard design. It works anywhere!

Feature Floor Tiles


Roselind Wilson Design

Statement-making floor ceramic tiles proved preferred in 2014, as well as this striking appearance doesn’t seem leaving quickly, states interior designer Jasmine McClelland. “I have actually done a couple of function floor restrooms this year. They are sensational as well as provide an excellent layout possibility when dealing with difficult shower rooms that have no clear walls for a function wall,” she says.

“In smaller sized shower rooms an attribute flooring ceramic tile adds style without frustrating the space, and when utilized in a larger bathroom, the impact is stylish,” McClelland states. “I enjoy the room when the free standing bathroom hits the feature tile … attractive!”

Natural Beauty

amazing bathroom picture ideas
Mark Brand Architecture

Desire a showering area that’s welcoming and calm? After that drawing design motivation from nature is a fantastic way to warm a normally extremely tough area of your house as well as infuse the space with a relaxing ambiance. It’s one of the crucial bathroom patterns of 2015, inning accordance with developers Simona Castagna as well as Darren Genner of Minosa.

A very easy method to integrate this fad into a bathroom design, Castagna and also Genner claim, is to present natural materials like natural stone or wood-look tiles. The luxe bath seen right here features marble floorings as well as an onyx kitchen counter, in addition to a walnut-plank attribute wall.

Plant Life

awesome bathroom decor pictures
Janet Paik

“I understand several of us have been frightened indoor plants … yet it’s time to reclaim the suggestion of indoor plants with cascading climbers that could clothe any kind of bathroom,” McClelland states.

If you’re eager to attempt this pattern in your bathroom however desire an extra innovative and also design-savvy alternative to potted plants (dangling or otherwise), an upright yard may be the method to go, McClelland says.

“I like them for the interest and feel they bring to a bathroom as well as can’t wait to use them a lot more in my styles for 2015,” the designer says. Another benefit of environment-friendly or living wall surfaces is that they benefit the atmosphere (in addition to your health and well-being), she claims.

The Master Suite Retreat

top small modern bathroom


Is your master bathroom cramped, not especially welcoming as well as tucked away hidden? After that you could be greater than pleased to try this design pattern when refurbishing your house.

Castagna and also Genner say individuals want larger bathrooms that are connected to the bed room or storage room, or perhaps extra open to the room. People wish to see their attractive basins, personalized vanities and also freestanding bathrooms from the bedroom, state the designers, that were the group behind the luxe, open-plan room and also en collection pictured right here. They’re also using larger sliding doors so people can open up or shut off an area.

Clever Water Control

the best bathroom design gallery
Jordan Smith

Say goodbye to basic shower as well as basin faucets, as well as hello there to smart, easy to use components (such as thermostatic mixers; mixers that regulate multiple water resources, like the one utilized in this shower; and also touchscreen-operated showers) that provide users much more control over the flow, mix and also temperature level of water, claims Adelaide, Australia, interior developer Jordan Smith of Brilliant.

“Double showers would be an excellent location to use this, as several people can make use of the shower at the very same time, with private setups for their own shower,” Smith suggests when explaining just how she ‘d incorporate this trend into among her layouts. “One mixer could regulate both multiple showers or a combination shower-bath.”

 Freestanding Bathtubs

beautiful small bathroom shower ideas
Jasmine McClelland Design

Inning accordance with McClelland, our romance with freestanding bathrooms isn’t really over right now, and also not even if they make striking, sculptural design features, but since they help establish the mood for remainder and also relaxation as well. “The free standing bath is greater than aesthetic — it is emotive,” the developer claims. “Clients get in touch with the opportunity of a bathroom that represents their own area or downtime, as well as a freestanding bath inspires this sensation of self-indulgence during a busy life.”

When choosing a free standing bathroom, think about exactly how the layout of the tub will shape the appearance of your space. “The contour of a bathroom can bring softness to an angular bathroom, or an angular bathroom can offset soft colors or include in a very structured bathroom,” states McClelland, who designed the Asian-inspired showering area here.

amazing small bathroom layout

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

If you desire the look of a free standing bathroom however the advantages of an integrated tub (such as a ledge for storing bath fundamentals like soap and also shampoo), take into consideration integrating a semi-inset bath, claims developer Owen Barnes of Bubbles Bathrooms in Melbourne, that predicts this arrangement will certainly confirm prominent with home owners in the year ahead.

According to Barnes, this crafty configuration also enables freestanding bathtubs to be used in portable showering areas (as you can see here), which could or else be also small to fit a bath. And you can pair them with a broader series of fixtures as well.

Custom Vanities

awesome bathroom renovation ideas

People now desire personalized vanities– made for them and their needs, rather than mass produced, claim Castagna as well as Genner, who designed this bathing area. The glam area showcases a drifting vanity custom made to fit the aesthetic appeals of the sleek, contemporary design scheme, offer plenty of storage space and improve the illusion of spaciousness.

“The great old shaving cupboard is also making a renewal,” the designers add. “We’re additionally making use of a lot of drawers and also smart modern technology, such as doors that raise as well as vacate way, making good use storage.” As you can see below, these design aspects have also been integrated into the style of this classy bathroom.

Geometric Tiles

top small bathroom design ideas
Jasmine McClelland Design

An additional significant style fad for the bathroom is geometric ceramic tiles, according to McClelland. While the designer has actually currently used geometric tiles in a couple of tasks she’s worked with this year, she predicts the captivating look will certainly end up being a lot more preferred in 2017.

Inning accordance with the developer, geometric tiles are a wonderful design remedy for those who wish to add depth and also aesthetic interest to a level, neutral area, but without making use of intense, arresting tones. And also for those who aren’t shade reluctant?

“For clients who are prepared to venture out, there are no limits to color mixes or random shade positioning to really showcase and also lift a bathroom,” says McClelland, who developed this attention-grabbing lavatory. Keep in mind of how the vibrant red geometric tiles instill this area with a passionate dosage of high-impact drama, power as well as tactile charm.

Bigger Showers

the best bathroom designs for small spaces

DeForest Architects

Is bigger much better? Inning accordance with Castagna and Genner, that’s certainly the present institution of believed when it concerns the shower, as well as they think the pattern will certainly end up being much more popular in 2017. They’re seeing extra walk-in showers with big panes of glass or solid wall surfaces that entirely enclose the space, instead of washrooms with small cubicles.

Why do they think there’s a move away from even more compact bathing locations to ones that are much more charitable in size? Bigger showers are areas for renewal and wellness, they claim.

beautiful small bathroom decor
Roth Architecture

If you would certainly favor a shower that’s big yet uses much more privacy than a completely open walk-in shower or one with a partial glass screen, seek to the fresh, enjoyable bathroom here for layout inspiration. Note how the reduced wall surfaces assist create a personal, intimate pocket where the house owners can bath in tranquility, however don’t make the bathroom area feel also enclosed or eliminate from the space’s airy, roomy ambiance.

Sustainable Style

amazing modern bathroom ideas
Dane Cronin Photography

Barnes is additionally seeing even more recycled, redeemed and upcycled products and products being made use of in the bathroom, a design concept that he predicts will come to be even more prominent in 2015. Why? “It complies with the general pattern in structure internationally, and also it looks great when done correctly,” the designer states, including that the growing awareness surrounding lasting living is an additional factor this trend will certainly continue to climb.

Fascinated in integrating this pattern right into your brand-new bathroom? Think about making use of recovered timber in your style (as an example, this eclectic-meets-rustic bathing zone showcases a reclaimed-wood attribute wall); reusing materials from your existing bathroom that still hold up in regards to functionality as well as style; or upcycling an antique dresser or closet by changing it into a vanity.

Bathrooms That Reflect The Rest of The Home

awesome modern bathroom designs

James Dawson Interior Design

A design pattern that Smith anticipates will be big over the coming year and also past is a move toward showering zones that are designed in a way that makes them look and feel like an expansion of the living room, instead of a typical bathroom.

” The bathroom feels like it’s becoming even more of a function of the house,” Smith says. Incorporating freestanding bathrooms, unique components as well as vanities that resemble furnishings (such as a cabinet, like the leggy, custom-made vanity seen in this stylish bathroom) are simply a few ways to function this trend right into your bathroom design.

top small bathroom decorating ideas
Snake River Interiors

Adding living space furnishings as well as decor to your bathroom will additionally allow you to attain this appearance and also customize your space. The welcoming bathroom area right here shows how it’s done– the patterned floor jogger, well-liked natural leather lounge, wall surface art, side table and sophisticated light installations (including a chandelier and wall sconces) are crucial to this bathroom’s cozy, calm and welcoming living room– like ambiance.

Gray Tones

the best small bathroom remodel ideas
Bubbles Bathrooms

Gray has actually been a preferred shade selection for the bathroom in 2016, as well as it’s a fad that is lingering, according to Barnes. If you’re worried a gray scheme will make your bathroom really feel level and lifeless, introduce slicks of white to cut through the moody shade as well as produce an advanced appearance. Or take design signs from this shower location and invigorate the layout by including a sprinkle of vibrant, eye-popping shade, which takes shape here in an earthy orange-bronze mosaic tile function wall surface.

Engaging Lighting

beautiful small bathroom designs


Castagna as well as Genner anticipate that making use of smart, intuitive and appealing lights in the bathroom will certainly become a crucial fad for 2017. “Washrooms and kitchen areas are taken care of and fitted– once you screw something to a wall or tile a floor, they’ll be there for a very long time, so it’s important to be not as well fashionable,” the developers claim. “Be smart about your decisions and also layer points well– as an example, with good lights.”

What clever illumination options do Castagna as well as Genner recommend for the bathroom? “Individuals desire bathrooms that involve them, so they could desire an accent light, a function light or a sensor light that brighten their vanity or cutting cabinet as soon as a person walks in,” they state.

amazing bathroom renovations
Brilliant SA

For an extra dynamic appearance, take into consideration introducing tinted LED illumination. This contemporary bathroom includes a color-changing backlit vanity that promptly raises the look as well as mood of this room, in addition to an LED rainfall showerhead.

Grout As A Design Feature

awesome bathroom design ideas
Stacey Kouros Design

“Cement is no more purely an ordinary, if important, component of drawing a bathroom together,” states McClellend. “People are seeing the possibility of utilizing grout artistically in their bathrooms to display the pattern of how a tile is laid, emphasize details ceramic tile kinds and utilize different cement as a wonderful modern spin on the traditional train ceramic tile.”

While McClelland enjoys the striking pairing of black grout and also white ceramic tiles (as seen in this area), she anticipates that colored cement alongside geometric shapes will certainly end up being preferred in 2017.

Inform us: Just what are your thoughts on the most up to date bathroom fads? Would you integrate any of these design suggestions right into your showering area?