Most homeowners often overlook the basement. In fact, it offers additional space for various functions. If you see the importance of having a personal escape in the downstairs area, here we’ve assembled some cool basement bathroom ideas.

Adding a bathing chamber to your underground floor is really advantageous. You get a relaxing bath time due to its quiet atmosphere. It also increases your property value in the future. You surely won’t regret it.

Whether you build a whole bathroom or just a walk-in shower room, meticulous planning is the key. For instance, you must know where the toilet and bathtub are placed. You need to focus on the plumbing system as well.

Even though your budget is tight, you are still able to make the lower ground bathroom look superb. Let’s jump into these points!

1. Paint Over Ceramic Tiles

ceramic tiles

Are you bored with your old washroom’s tiles? You do not have to install new tiles. For a wallet-friendly option, you can coat them in new paint color. It definitely helps to revive the appearance of the tiles.

In this image, the ceramic tiles are painted in pastel orange. They match nicely with the walls, while green grouts pop against the tiles stunningly.

2. Ornate Bathroom Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper

The lavatory has a minimalist design, but it does not seem stark at all, thanks to the white and grey patterned wallpaper. It spectacularly dresses up the wall and covers the imperfections.

In addition, the wallpaper works as a perfect background for the floating white vanity. A couple of mirrors, wall sconces, and red flowers work as instant design facelifts.

3. Soft Glowing Light Fixtures

light fixtures

If you’re tired of your existing light fixtures in the basement, it is time to replace them with something more fabulous. Here, the wall sconces produce ambient lighting and emanate a warm feel.

The dark wooden vanity takes the serenity to the next level. And tan walls go well with the intimate bathroom setting.

4. Glass Block Windows

glass windows

Since your washroom is built in the lower ground room, you must overcome the brightness issue. One of the easy ways is installing the glass blocks. They will provide you privacy and a good amount of light at once.

As seen in the picture, the white and yellow glass blocks pair enchantingly with the bathroom’s walls. The yellow flowers complete the zone. Perfect!

5. Large-Scale Bathroom Mirrors

bathroom mirror

Although your basement is tiny, you can make it feel more expansive. In this bathing area, wooden framed mirrors reflect the metallic wall, painting, and light fixtures.

Along with the wooden vanity and armless chair, they exhibit rustic appeal but in a refined manner. Isn’t the whole bathroom terrific?

6. DIY Towel Shelf

towel shelf

This one-of-a-kind towel shelf is made from unused washtub bucket and wooden boards. It works together with black and white striped walls.

You can also spot cute and meaningful wooden signs next to the shelf. Well, who doesn’t adore this oasis?

7. Wood-Like Laminate Floor

laminate floor

Wood laminate is such an affordable flooring option. It looks as wonderful as the real hardwood. So, why not give it a chance?

As the one pictured above, the grey wood-like tiled floor fits in the neutral space scheme. It infuses a soothing and welcoming ambiance, too.

Designing an underground washroom is a complicated yet rewarding project. However, you can use our basement bathroom ideas to get the job done. After all, they won’t break your bank account.

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