For some people, decorating bathroom may get less attention compared to other rooms. The living room, kitchen, and even bedrooms often get the priority. It may be true, but it does not mean the bathroom is less important. All rooms are necessary, so does the bathroom. That’s why when you have bored with current bathroom, and to make something better and more attractive, it is good idea to have the references of modern master bathroom.

As master bathroom, one of the important aspects is about the space. It should be big enough, so it is not just additional space or room in the house, Moreover, the facility may also be different from common bathrooms. In other words, the bathroom should get proper treatment in decorating the space.

In this case, modern farmhouse becomes good idea of design. Since it is modern, mostly the decorations will not have sophisticated details. Even, it is more about the simplicity. Related to master bathroom decoration, there is nice reference to consider.

Well, as what is mentioned above, the bathroom is big or spacious. The area of shower has glass door and walls. Of course, this is not fully transparent. Then, the details are not too sophisticated, even it can be said the bathroom looks minimalist.

Although it may not have additional furniture or other things to make the room nicer, it does not mean the modern master bathroom is not good idea. In fact, it shows luxury in its simplicity. This point can be seen from the wall that shows the texture and nice brown color. Then, its roof and floor has white color. In fact, these neutral color combinations look great for bathroom. It does not make people bored, yet they will feel comfortable even if they are spending the time in bathroom.

Then, outside the glass of bathroom, the floor is quite different. Now, the outer floor has tiles with pattern. The pattern is not small actually, so it does not emphasize the details, but they make people want to see the floor and its tiles as a unity. In addition to make the modern farmhouse bathroom more comfy, there is horizontal glass window. It becomes part of decoration, and it will also provide sufficient lighting for master bathrooms. Since the window is quite big, it gives access to see the outside. Therefore, it is like bringing the natural vibe into master bathroom.

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